The CHILDREN’S Charity Calendar for your Customers

1 Calendar Supports 12 Children’s Projects

The CHILDREN’S Charity Calendar by devayani yoga Publishing is now also available as a giveaway gift for pharmacy customers.

The calendar supports twelve children’s charities. Anyone can participate in the online vote that determines which twelve projects will finally make it into the calendar.

Concentrix Initiates an Additional Gift for Children in Need

For every pharmacy ordering the calendar, Concentrix donates school material for orphans in Haiti! Therefore, the pharmacy edition of the Charity Calendar does not only support the twelve projects described in the calendar; it also opens the door to education for disadvantaged children living in the poorest country of the Western Hemnisphere!

The calendar shows twelve pictures of children doing yoga. The images are donated by professional photographers from around the world, who use their art for the good cause: They dedicate their photographs to children’s charities of their choice. An online vote – open for anyone to participate – decides over the TOP 12 pictures and charities that will make it into the calendar. Every month in the calendar shows one of the twelve winning pictures and describes the corresponding children’s charity. The proceeds of the calendar support the twelve children’s causes in equal parts.

Pharmacies Take Action

Concentrix donates school material for orphans in Haiti for every pharmacy ordering the calendar as a customer present! Your order can change the world for disadvantaged children and help them have access to education and improvement.

Success Story

With its first edition, the calendar 2012 has enabled donations of 2020 USD!

Yoga Journal Germany was excited about the project and its implementation, recommended the calendar on its “News & Trends” – pages and made it its subscription premium!

The picture of participating photographer Sabriya Simon from Jamaica was nominated “Picture of the Week” in a major German newspaper!

The project was recommended on Webpages and in Newsletters from Europe to Japan!

The result: The calendar’s first edition 2012 was ordered internationally, sold out within a few weeks only and is now mentioned as a “Must Have” in professional circles.

„This innovative product offers us pharmacists the  opportunity
to pragmatically help children in need around the world by ordering
the calendar as giveaways for our customers while inspiring them
to ‘be part of the change’ we all can be.”

Dr. Lukas Vogel, Pharmacist & Initiator
of the Additional Donation for Orphans in Haiti 

Your Order

Simply order the calendar for your company (including your company logo imprint) via:

devayani yoga Publishing (Eva Holl)

Here is the direct link with additional information about the calendar project.